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Should I remove a huge flower on my cordyline?

I have just noticed that my biggest cordyline has a huge flower about to open...should I remove it? Memory tells me that someone recommended this some weeks ago. I lost 3 after the winter and this is one that had some frost damage but has recovered.

Thanks...ooops!...corrected the typing errors!



If you like the loks of it, Izzy, I'd just leave it on, and remove the dead flower stems after the flowers themselves fade.

29 May, 2010


Thanks, Tugbrethil...I'm still wondering why someone suggested a few weeks ago that they should be removed! They are not particularly attractive...if memory serves me right...but someone suggested something about conserving energy after such a bad winter...? or am I dreaming? LOL.Hope you are well.

29 May, 2010


Hmm. Izzy, I didn't think about conserving energy, but to do that, the stalk would need to be removed while still very short, and that may just result in another flower stalk, which would waste energy! Oh well, at least remove it before it tries to form seeds. Take care of yourself, too.

29 May, 2010

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