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"Ants in Compost?"

North Yorkshire, United Kingdom Gb

We would like to use the 4 year old tub of lovely compost....but it is heaving with ants....what do we do please???



Ants often go into rotting and decomposing matter. I think they will disappear when you are spreading the compost out in your garden beds. If you are not using the compost yet, I wouldn't worry about the ants. I don't know what kind of ants they are, you might just tumble the stuff around in the tub, perhaps they made a nest in it? If you disturb them they may go away, but don't worry about them, they are part of the process. Unless of course they come out and bite you.

14 Jul, 2008


I don't know if you can buy this locally, but we have it in the US. Search the internet for BORAX. Very inexpensive white powder. Mix it about 20% borax and 80% syrup or sugar. Put the mixture in small flat containers (lids of canning jars work well) on top of the compost or beside the tub. The sugar attracts the ants, they return to the nest and bring borax with them - actually kills the nest. May take a week or so if you have heavy infestation. Good Luck!

16 Jul, 2008

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