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My neighbour knew of a product called Cutless to prevent hedges growing too quickly. This product has been discontued. Do you know of an alternative product that could help me that I can buy. I cut my hedges frequently but would like a little more time in between cuts.



It was a 'growth inhibitor' if still sold its will be in garden centres? But I seem to remember something about the chemicals in it being banned by the EC?

28 May, 2010


I think you are right Drc - possibly still available to the trade but not general public

28 May, 2010


I have two large hedges in my garden and have to trim them quite often i think i will try to get some Growth inhibitor. Meanwhile here's a tip. If you have to mow your lawn regularly, after you mow it fill watering can with a 2 3rds water and 1. 3rd whisky, sprinkle it over the lawn.When your lawn grows again it will come up HALF CUT tee hee

28 May, 2010


A tree nursery man friend of ours advises folk to cut their hedges back in July as this acts as a natural inhibitor.

28 May, 2010

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