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Canary Island palm has got too big for garden how do i replant



First, find a sunny, sheltered new home for it where it can get huge--they grow 9 meters across here in the desert. Then cut off the lowest 1/2 of the leaves, right against the trunk. Tie the remaining leaves together to protect the center bud. Dig up as large a root ball as you can handle, and hold it together with chicken wire or burlap at least until it can get to its new home. Put it gently into the planting hole, no deeper than its original depth, remove any non-biodegradable ties from the root ball, and fill in around it with the backfill soil, packing gently. Water deeply--several hours of slow soaking--and finish off with 12 liters per meter of crown width of seaweed extract and epsom salts solution. water regularly for the rest of this summer. Cut the ties holding the leaves together after about a month.

30 May, 2010

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