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I have just bought two Vitis Coignetiae plants to train up some trellis. The leaves are shiny. However, I have seen another Vitis Coignetiae in a garden centre with matt, leathery leaves. I would prefer the latter. Will the leaves on my plants develop more leathery leaves, or are they a different variety (the label just said Vitis Coignetiae). Many thanks.



This should have matt leaves with a rough textured surface. I suspect they were wrongly labelled. Could you return them for a refund/replacement? Also, 2 is probably one too many. This is very vigorous and one plant will easily cover 6 fence panels or more! See photo on my homepages, 3rd from the bottom .

29 May, 2010


Hi, Many thanks for your response. I'm beginning to wonder whether it's because they are young plants, as the leaves are exactly the right shape, and I don't know of any other climber with the same shape and leaf size. I haven't planted them yet, but since buying them they have put on a lot of growth, so they are definitely raring to go! I bought two as they will go on two 6ft trellises with a gap inbetween to walk through. Do you manage to keep yours in check? Nicky

29 May, 2010

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