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I would like to know the real name for the plant everyone around here(kansas) calls ground lilac? I'd love to plant it.



Can you give us some more details or perhaps a picture? Syringa vulgaris, common Lilac is widely planted in Kansas according to your forestry people, but maybe this is something more native?

26 May, 2010


I don't know too much. There was some planted on our farm when we moved in. But we tore out the old fence and bushes etc. and most of the plants went with them. Some plants hung on next to the swing set poles, but after so many years they are gone and now I want them back. They were each and individual stock, very straight and quite a few leaves branching off all the way up to the flower. The flower is lavender color, but I can't remember what it was shaped like. I see it around old farms where the house is gone now or even in the ditch along the road. It bloomed about mid May. I've always been tempted to dig some up and take it to the greenhouse and ask, but this area is sparsely populated and don't know who to get permission from. Does this little bit of memory help? I sure appreciate your trying to help me.

8 Jun, 2010


I forgot to say that the plants were about 15" tall. Again thanks for trying to help.

8 Jun, 2010

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