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I am about to p[lant some medium sized trees and have found the ground to be very dry. Any advice before I start



Dig in lots of home-made compost, which will help to retain moisture. You'll have to water your trees a lot in their first year.

25 May, 2010


Just to reinforce Spritzhenry's comment about watering - I planted a crataegus tree in my garden in May 2007. There were no flowers on it in 2008, but last year I was ecstatic to see buds appearing in late spring. However, I failed to water enough and although the tree survived this well and continued to be healthy, the poor buds shrivelled and died before they even opened. This year I have learned by my mistake, and have poured water on it at every opportunity, and am being rewarded by the beautiful bright pink buds that are just starting to open.

25 May, 2010

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