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My friend has this plant which doesn't like to much sun and the leaves look like nettles but have no sting they also have a strong smell if rubbed like a cross between a mint and sage I have attached a photo of the plant which is indoors as it doesn't seem to like it outdoors as it starts to wilt so can anyone help me to identify it.
I have been told it flowers in September but not sure what they look like so any help would be appreciated.




just watched a gardening programme, the Landscape Man and there was a plant on which looked like yours, he said it was Mexican Sage Bush which would fit your description

25 May, 2010


Thank you for the answer Daylily I looked it up on the Internet but its not the right plant but I am very grateful for the answer I think I am going to have to ask my friend what the flower looks like as I think this might give a much better chance of it being identified.

25 May, 2010


yes i looked it up on the internet and the picture is not the same, but on the programme Matthew Wilson RHS head Gardener touched the plant and the leaves looked exactly the same. You could watch the programme on the internet it was on channel 4. (unless obviously it just looked like your plant there are so many!!)

25 May, 2010


Thank you daylily I will look it up on the internet and you are right there are so many plants.

25 May, 2010

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