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I've been giving it a good soaking with the hosepipe as it's a new bed. All the other plants seem fine. I bought it from a camelia nursery at a plant and garden show-the camelas were vitually all in flower back then. Is that a sign that it could be forced? The bed gets sun in themorning but by the afternoon is shaded. Should I try moving it into a pot?



Sorry but you havent actually said what is wrong with your plant?

23 May, 2010


If you're concerned because the plant is no longer in flower ,that's normal - they only flower in very late winter/early spring. I'd also add that if you have it in a situation where early morning sun in winter gets on the plant (and it sounds as if you do), it would be better to move it to a position where that doesn't happen - early morning sun on frosted buds will cause bud drop, and therefore no flowers.

23 May, 2010


Thanks for adding the problem Mrs D and welcome to GOY

23 May, 2010

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