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What feed do I need for Acers? This is the start of their second year.



In a pot an ericaceous feed in the ground wouldn't feed at all

23 May, 2010


I have found ericaceous feed in garden centres. None of them say 'use for Acers'. Can any of these feeds be used? I was told by an Acer expert, that because the pH of my soil is 7 I would need to feed.

23 May, 2010


Hi Shogun well a fair bit of our garden in neutral soil and it doesn't both our acers, not that I claim to be an acer expert! We just plant them and let them get on with it in general. You could top dress with composted bark, if you can find it, or even decorative bark. Unless your acer is looking unhappy I wouldn't fret.

23 May, 2010



24 May, 2010

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