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Hi I have a picea pungens (I think) Secosa; in the first year I kept it dry, thinking pines prefer dry, but the green growth died back, so now I keep it well watered. However even so the old growth seems to be dying back, yet it produces new growth well. I'm sure it shouldn't be doing this - any comments? It's in a large pot outside, and is spreading well (not growing up into a conical shape) which is what I wanted, but the dying back of last year's growth worries me

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Your problem may well be the fact its in a pot - Picea like very deep and fertile soil which isn't alkaline - yours is obviously growing, but it may be it is sacrificing old growth in order to carry on growing.

22 May, 2010


Try spraying with systemic insecticide (Provado BUG Gun?) as Picea pungens is prone to aphids which suck out the sap so the needles turn grey and drop off -often as the new growth is about to emerge.
I lost one because I didn't see them (they were too small at the time) and it was planted by a pond, so I couldn't spray it.
My new one is planted away from the pond and gets a good spray in September, Feb and July each year and its been great since then.

23 May, 2010


Not sure that's the problem, Longleaf - Guest reports old growth dying back, but new growth healthy -aphids you speak of prefer new young growth, which is why the tips die back with that.

23 May, 2010

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