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West Yorkshire, United Kingdom Gb

front garden of bungalow - square in shape (5metres )- sloping towards house. Rough looking chippings cover whole lot.
Going to re pebble the site with cream Cotswold chippings and have an L shaped border at the top.
Need a good idea for the centre of the pebbles. At the moment just have a cluster of flower pots.
Any ideaS?

Asked from the GoYpedia front garden ideas page



Difficult to imagine the slope but some things that might work if you cut out a flat bit are a stone bird bath or statue, one very large brightly coloured empty pot, A Prunus 'Amanogawa' (Japanese Flowering Cherry Tree) ideal for a small garden, or even Grasses?

21 May, 2010


Suggest you join GoY and put up a photo of garden and then we can dialogue

21 May, 2010

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