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Around 2 years ago, we created a boundary line betwenn us and our neighbours using Aucuba plants. The plants do not seem to have grown very much, the ones that have grown seem to be very thin rather than creating a full wall as such. A number of the plants keep getting black leaves and the stems go black almost back to the roots. when the stems go dark green and black I cut them off and dispose of the cuttings. Do these plants need any special feeding to help them grow stronger or do we need to replace the weak ones with new plants?



Aucuba japonica are not completly hardy and they like a sheltered spot. I have one that's up against a privet hedge in fairly heavy shade that does well, but even that one has been cut back by hard frosts in the past. The blackened growth certainly sounds like frost damage. I think for a hedge, you'd be better off with the usual laurel.

21 May, 2010

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