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hi as per previous questionabout when and how to prune a honeysuckle climber i have ,i have now added a photo to try and identify the climber hope this helps a little more ,as the name just said honeysuckle




Not sure you need worry about pruning, whatever the variety - the pot it's in will restrict its growth severely anyway.

20 May, 2010


I'd just chop back any bits that annoy you - getting over the window or too far through the railings. They're tough as boiled leather in my experience. Don't forget to water it if we have a dry spell though as it won't have much of a root system in the pot.

20 May, 2010


thanks so much ,would it be better if i re-potted ,i just wanted to liven up the drive way a little and the description sounded ideal,ive manured composted and added fertilizer to the pots is that ok .....cheers again

20 May, 2010


Not sure how deep that pot is in the picture, hard to tell - It would do better in a pot that's 2 feet deep and 12/18 inches wide all the way down, but the pot you have does look rather attractive, lol

21 May, 2010

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