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help please - my newly planted plug plants are being attacked by slugs and caterpillars - any natural deterents or killers (I have v young children and cats!)



Since I have cats, I don't like to toss the slug killer around, so I have resorted to my favorrite item ... the plastic bottle. If you cut the bottom and narrow part of the top off, put slug killer close to the plant and the plastic bottle over that, then secure it with a stick (for the wind). My cats leave it alone and slugs/snails are able to eat the bait instead of the plant. With children, you would have to tell them not to touch. When the plants get big enough, take the bottle off and work the leftover bait into the soil.

19 May, 2010


Baits made out of iron phosphate and yeast are available, and they are safe for children and pets. For the caterpillars, use B.t.: it's safe for the "short people" in your family, too.

19 May, 2010


I have cats and I use the Slug Bell, the pellets are not accessible to animals, birds and are not visible for children to pick up, I,ve got a few of them now and they're very attractive. They can be bought online.

20 May, 2010

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