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Something is eating the leaves on my dwarf lupin - there is a shiny slime (dried) around the bite marks but as the affected leaves are high it cant be slugs/snails- can anyone suggest a remedy a natural one if possible - many thanks



Snails can and do climb to considerable heights.

18 May, 2010


We find snails under the eaves of the garage so they do climb. I reckon they are the culprits.

18 May, 2010


Welcome to GOY. I have the same problem and it did turn out to be slugs, they've eaten the whole flower spike, little S---s.

18 May, 2010


yes id say its slugs and snails,i put plant pots with the bottoms cut off over the lupins with a strip of copper around the top of the doesn't stop all the snails but it does help
then i go out in the early evening like a mad woman and collect any others i find hiding,dispose of them however you want to.

18 May, 2010


Thanks everyone, little blighters are the bain of my life I have given up having hostas hope I won't have to add lupins to that list- will try the plant pot/copper trick (btw what a gorgeous little doggy)

19 May, 2010

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