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I have an Acer I don't know what type but its red! Last two years it has been beautiful but this year it started to bud and than just stopped. Some of the branches have turned silvery and dry. I have scratched a little bark off in various places and it is still a healthy green colour but I noticed cotton type things with brown in them growing all up the trunk. I have researched it and it looks like Pulvinaria regalis. What do I do to save my tree?? Please help



as it is a sap sucker are you able to spray the foliage with a systemic insecticide? Or if it is a small plant try rubbing them off [disgusting yes but wearing rubber gloves really satisfying].
it is scale insect for those who dont recognise the latin name.

18 May, 2010


Thanks for your help. Could this be why it hasn't produced any leaves this year? There are buds but as I said it just stopped!

19 May, 2010


well it could be, but with the stop start of the weather that is just as likely.

19 May, 2010

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