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For the last 8 years we have had a half standard cupressus castlewellan in a 55cm diamter tub outside our south-east facing front door. We have watered and trimmed it regularly and feed in spring each year. However, this spring it looks as though it has died - all the foliage is brown and brittle and there don't seem to be any green shoots anywhere. Is this a victim on the very cold winter we have had (we went down to -18deg several nights) or has something else caused its death. Is it indeed dead or should we give it longer to see if it does anything?



Hi Sarah and welcome to Goy I suspect two things have killed your cupressus the frost and the fact it has been in a tub for 8 years. The frost is what will have finished it off... r.i.p.

17 May, 2010

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