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Bonsai I have a tree that I think is a Scots Pine


By C2itken

Derbyshire, United Kingdom Gb

I have a tree that I think is a Scots Pine, which I have grown from seed, planted in 1975, re-potted three or four times, I have always pinched out half hight of the candles each year and done a little wiring but this year some of the candles look different? fatter, and like small sweet corn? I hope this is normal and if anyone knows different I am willing to learn! Could it be pine cones growing on such a small tree? or is it bugs?
Please help as this tree is like a family member and I want it to survive !

02070004 Bonsai_02



By 'candles' do you mean the new growth shoots? If that's what you have had previously, then these fatter ones are cones forming. And, yes, they can grow on such a small tree. It's the age of it that matters. I, too, am small and of an age!!! lol!

1 Jun, 2010


Thank you for your reply *Volunteer* and yes all that the tree has had in the past 35 years is "growth" candles? which I have shortened each year.
I planted the seeds from a Bonsai kit and re-potted four or five times with root pruning.
I have a better picture on my "C2itken" page now showing the difference between these shoots and ones that have looked just like branch buds in the past.
thank you again

1 Jun, 2010

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