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Clematis Montana - I have a mature plant that was planted in this garden 6 years ago, has scrambled with gay abandon over a tall fence and has reliably flowered every year. This year I noticed its absence and looking at it more closely can see that all the leaf joints have the beginnings of little leaves popping out but to touch they are all dry and crispy - no life there! Has the second cold snap just before Easter nipped the new growth? Is that it for this year, or for good? Should I give up for this year and hope it comes back next year or tear it out and start again? Suggestions?



Looks like it has fallen prey to the recent frost. It won't be dead but you probably wont get any flowers this year. We prune ours after flowering (June) to give it time to put on some new growth before next year.

16 May, 2010


Thanks - so I'll keep my fingers crossed for next year!

16 May, 2010

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