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I just bought a Sollya Heterophylla, and when I researched it, I got conflicting advice. Some say, plant in dry shade, others say sun, and yet others say any soil. What do you guys and gals think the optimal conditions would be for this plant. I'm in sacramento, californis zone 8, where summers are hot? I'm hoping it will live over as a perennial. I'm confused. Ideas gang?


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I used to grow this skeets, in a pot (so dry as I am rubbish at watering pots!) and I kept it in the sun mostly (which is what my book advised) and it did really well, but our sun is not as hot as your sun! I couldn't keep it outdoors in the winter as it's too cold here, but it's a beautiful plant and I'm sure it will do really well in sunny california! I guess you could go for a spot that's half sun half shade.....

15 May, 2010

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