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By Lita

Hertfordshire, United Kingdom Gb

I purchased a magnolia stellata around 3 weeks ago as just a lot of twiggy branches with little fluffy thing on the end and down the stem. It doesn't seem to have done anything and there are no leaves it looks just the same as it did 3 weeks ago. Is it dead?



It should certainly have leaves by now.....mine have finished flowering and are in full leaf. I'd take it back to where you bought it and get your money back. Where did you buy it, out of interest?

15 May, 2010


mines in full leaf as well, i agree with sid it should have leaves on it by now,take it back. If it was a garden centre they are normally good.

15 May, 2010


Hi Lita, in answer to your PM to me:-

Hi Lita - welcome to GoY.

A blog is like a journal to record what's going on it your garden. Other members will read what you write and make comments. It's sometimes nice to get feedback on a garden project or problem. Have a browse through the blogs on the 'Gardening Blogs' tab or go to my page and have a browse through my blogs to see examples of what you can do :-)

Right, about your Magnolia, if there is still no sign of life take it right back to B&Q and ask for your money back. B&Q are notorious for not knowing a thing about caring for their plants. £30 is about right for a Magnolia, but you are probably better off getting one from a reputable garden centre, as you will know it has been well cared for before you take it home. B&Q should refund you without too much trouble....hopefully you've still got some sort of proof of purchase.

I do hope you get a decent Magnolia stellata eventually - I've got a mature one and they are gorgeous! Although mine always seems to open up fully and then get battered with all teh worst weather the sky can throw at it!!

I will copy this message to your question as well, just in case you don't pick it up.

Sarah (Sid)

BTW you can talk to us by just commenting here on this thead where it says 'Answer this Question'

17 May, 2010

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