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i have just had my whole garden rotavated, and it is going to be turfed, but im not sure if i should put borders in place and paths before or after its done? can any 1 help?



if you are planning borders then mark those out first. this will aslo save the cost of the turf. the same goes for the paths really as this will give you an area to walk on while the turf is being laid.
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15 May, 2010


Rather depends on what you have in mind... if it's a rectangular lawn with perfectly straight edges, then I'd go with Seaburn's suggestion. However, if you're planning wavy-eged borders, I'd lay the turf and THEN cut the wavey egdes - otherwise you'd be trying to lay the turf into a wavy pattern, which would be....well...impossible I should think lol

15 May, 2010


If its been rotivated you may get settlement after laying turf so make sure its firmed over first.

16 May, 2010

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