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Is this hellebore leaf normal? It has a patterning on it, a mottling, like a slight discolouration. What is its cause? And is there anything I need to do to cure it?




Looks like a virus - nothing you can do, and usually the plant carries on regardless, just has 'variegated' leaves.

15 May, 2010


Oh dear. So it is sick but not fatally. I hope it isn't contageous.

15 May, 2010


I wouldn't worry about it too much, Jonathan - variegated plants were bred from plants with viruses like this originally!

15 May, 2010


Variegated hellebore varieties - it could catch on! It is six years old, never the slightest bit of blackspot or sooty mould A seemingly undiseaseable specimen, and then a virus comes along. Thanks Bamboo.

15 May, 2010

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