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We live in Seattle and the coldest it got this last winter was about 25F All my newZeland flax look like theyre dead. just the crown sticking out of the ground no leaves at all. Will they come back or should I just start over?

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Welcome Laurie!
First, where did the 25 deg. reading come from? The winter lows in Seattle are at least as variable as here in Phoenix, and if the temp reading came from SeaTac Airport, It could have been as much as 10 degrees colder in your neighborhood. If it came from your own min/max thermometer, how sheltered is the thermometer compared to the plant? It still might have gotten frozen in spite of the "25F" temperature.
As cool as this spring has been, I would probably give them about 2-4 weeks more to see if they will sprout. Maybe a light feeding with a soluable low phosphate plant food will speed it up a little. If no sprouts by June, it is probably dead, and will need to be replaced. Good luck in this!

13 May, 2010

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