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ideas on what i can plant in between 2 dicentra's (bleeding hearts). I'm looking for something that will hopefully be bushy and flop over and hid 2 bleeding hearts after they have finished flowering and start to look manky. it's heavy clay soil, semi shade on a slight slope under a hawthorne tree.



what about a fern? I have this sort of planting in most of my shady garden. I also have them underplanted with autumn crocus as they come up. as the dicentra disappear in mid/late summer i use plants like ferns as they do well and grow over the plants.

12 May, 2010


I have ferns, too. Then there are Hostas, which are coming up fast now, and a permanent feature is a lovely variegated grass - Carex morrowii 'Icedance'. This can be split, too, as it has side shoots which can be planted elsewhere in a shady spot.

13 May, 2010

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