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I have some courgette plants in the greenhouse. They are growing well and have flower buds forming but just the last week or so they have gone very yellow. I fed them today with some tomato feed. Have I done the right thing...and what could be causing them to go so yellow? The first pic was taken 27th April, the second one today. As you can see, it looks healthy enough. It is courgette 'one ball' which has a globe shaped yellow fruit. Perhaps it is supposed to be this colour!

Dscn4782 Dscn4957



yellowing can be a couple of things.
verticillium wilt,the signs for this are the yellowing goes up the plant and you get brown streaky bits in the stem,shade the greenhouse and dont water to much.i have found sometimes its just the first 2leaves only change,so just cut them off incase the are infected.
the other thing is the same as cucumbers get,a lack of magnesium,you can use epsom salts diluted or by a feed containing magnesium.

9 May, 2010


Thank you plant maiden. I wil remove the bottom leaves. I think overwatering could be a factor....I am a maniac with a watering can! I'll not be able to shade the greenhouse yet, but I could move the plants to a shadier space in there, in front of something bigger. Once again, thank you! Gorgeous puppy btw!

9 May, 2010


Those first two leaves are the seed leaves, and usually die off while the plant is young anyway, so I wouldn't even worry about them. If this is the first time you are feeding them, that is quite late, which may account for their yellowish, stunted look, and early flowering.

10 May, 2010


Thanks Tug!

11 May, 2010

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