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By Veda

dordogne, France Fr

how do you thin out rasberry canes growing now, also blackberries any comments please



Assuming these are summer fruiting raspberries you should have removed the canes that had fruited last year in August/September time and just left the new canes to grow and produce fruit this year. If you didn't it will be a little difficult now to recognise which are this year's fruiting cane and which are the previous years try to remove the ones that look older and woodier. Same goes for blackberries.

9 May, 2010


I did prune them after fuiting in October they are late fuiting.
All the leaf growth is coming from the bottoms. what do I do with these please

9 May, 2010


Hi Veda if they are autumn fruiting and you pruned all the canes down to the ground after they finished fruiting them you did exactly the right thing. Autumn fruiting raspberries fruit on that years cane unlike summer fruiting ones which fruit on the previous years canes. Just leave them alone and they will grow new canes for you, enjoy your fruit and do exactly what you did last year - cut them all back after fruiting. We are growing autumn fruiting rasps. for the first time this year - it will be interesting to see the difference!

9 May, 2010


Hi Moon Grower

Many thanks, I was getting worried. We had a great crop last year, the first ones huge, hope you have the same. Thanks again for taking the trouble to answer twice.


10 May, 2010


No problem Veda

10 May, 2010


thank you

11 May, 2010

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