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when i planted my honeysuckle the pot was big enough ,now it has outgrown the pot and needs a bigger and needs a bigger one if i just lift it out of the pot i think i will break it ,its there a trick to this?



Are you asking if there's a trick to getting out of the pot, Robbo? If so, then if its a plastic pot, it's a bit easier - make sure the compost is well saturated, then roll the pot on its side, pressing down with your foot on the side of the pot; push through any roots hanging out of the bottom drainage holes, or cut them off if you can't get them in, then turn the pot upside down and push and squeeze the sides and shake the pot. If that doesn't work, get someone to grab the topgrowth and pull at the same time - steadily, not just to tear the growth off! If all else fails, stick a garden fork into the rootball, get someone else to hold the pot and pull away from the fork.
If its in a pottery one, the garden fork trick might work - as long as the pot isn't narrower at the neck than it is lower down.

8 May, 2010


Just break the pot if that is what you are asking. Don't break the plant!

8 May, 2010

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