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I have a clematis montana about 20 years old on my garage roof. As it has got more rampant it has inevitably got v. dense and unmanageable. This year it is showing v.little new growth . I could cut it back hard (after what I fear will be disappointing flowering) but from past experience this is not always successful. Any suggestions please?



Hi Chrichtons and welcome to GoY I'd hack it back hard after flowering. This clematis flowers on the previous year's growth and I wouldn't expect to see much new growth yet but if it is getting out of hand cut back quite hard once flowering is past. I know in theory this is the only time you should cur back a C montana but we have two thugs that need cutting back several times and still flower like made the next year, we remove up to a third of the new growth in July and September otherwise by now they would be in next doors garden!

8 May, 2010

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