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By Usernut

scotland, United Kingdom Gb

I saw a tree today that I must have, I looked through my books and can't see it.
It has deep red leaves just now and i,m sure it had deep red berries on it as well.
their were a few of them in a local college so I guess they may be native to scotland or the uk, anyone any idea what it could be?
if no luck i,ll try and get back and get a pic of them.



Unlikely to have red berries at this time of year, could they have been flowers. Pity you didn't take a photograph. Only thing that springs to mind from your description is Malus "Profusion" which may have had a few hangers on in terms of fruits from last year.

8 May, 2010


thanks Bamboo, yes thats the one. looks a lot deeper in real life than the ones in my books.
they looked great, need to get

8 May, 2010


Well maybe it isn't that, if the colours on the ones you saw were deeper, Usernut.

8 May, 2010


Would be a good idea to take a photo and post then we can give accurate info.

8 May, 2010

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