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I move into a newly built house at the end of this month. I am worried about choosing good turf to lay a lawn? I have a dog, bitch, and she make s a mess of the lawn when she urinates. What is the best advice you can give me. I am completely clueless and will have to pay someone to do the lot for me. Thanks. June



you could fence off the lawn or put either bark or pebbles instead

7 May, 2010


Hi June and welcome to GoY.
There are often questions about what to do when a lawn gets damaged by dogs "doing their business" and I think the only real answer is to keep your lady off the lawn and either take her somewhere else or fence off an area as a run for her to "go". I know how expensive turf (and laying) can be and I would hate for it all to be ruined by your own pet.
Good luck with your move and with your new home!

Ian x

7 May, 2010


Thanks for your advice. Keeping Molly off anything is difficult, but maybe I can put her on a lead for a while? How long does a new lawn take to establish itself? Do I need to keep putting down grass seed too?

7 May, 2010


You shouldn't need any seed at all. The turf should be enough but unfortunately Molly will damage any age of lawn no matter how long it's been down!

7 May, 2010


I don't know how to prevent your dog from making a mess of your lawn but you can ruin it if you do not give it loads of water in its first season. You will need to get a sprinkler and have it running for at least 2 hours every evening to ensure that your lawn gets enough water to bed it in. Maybe the constant shower will persuade the dog to go elsewhere. Welcome to Goy and may you and Molly have a long and happy time in your new home.

7 May, 2010


i have a molly and a jake,if you can get her to go in different places it gives the grass abit of time to recover,i do pour a bit of water over the patches every now and then if they go in the same place to many times, it seems to rinse the urine abit,but there isnt much else you can do,unless you teach them to go on a bit of concrete(paving slab),my other dog did that but these two wont.
good luck in your new home.

7 May, 2010

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