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iv,e had a bird of paradise for 5 years now never been able to get it to flower it has had the best feeding and pampering where have i went wrong?



Mine took 5 years from seed and still doesn't flower every year. I found that it produced flower shoots in autumn which then didn't open until spring. Keep feeding it with tomato food and keep it well watered and in a sheltered spot outside from June onwards. Bring back inside in September. They are quite tricky, but you'll feel so proud when it does flower. You could also cheat, and push silk flower spikes into the soil!!

7 May, 2010


Should be due this year or next then - they take 4-6 years to flower, by which time they should be in a 10 inch pot and be about 3/4 feet high.

7 May, 2010


thanks for that lol

17 May, 2010

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