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hi there have just received a magnolia san jose its got pink and white goblet shaped flowers and its leaves look like they will be fully out soonish when it arrived last week it only had two oldish looking flowers goblet shaped does anyone know if it will produce any more flowers as the leaves develop its a good size its almost 6 foot and has many branches it was a birthday pressie would be nice to think it may produce more flowers heres hoping !should i feed it with liquid feed now i am talking to it of course and the robins seem very fond of it ... thanks alison



Probably not this year, but once established, yes it does flower profusely.
If you are planting it in the garden then as long as the soil is in good heart then it will not need feeding this year. Keep an eye on watering though, it does take a while for the roots to leave the original compost.
Cannot help much if you are growing in a container, I have no experience there.

5 May, 2010

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