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County Down, United Kingdom Gb

why do my fuchsia leaves die off and turn yellow



When this happens to ‘new’ leaf it is a good indicator that the plant is under stress. This could be due to many factors, over/under watering, too cold/too hot. My experience with fuchsia especially half hardy ones I would suggest that it may be watering they do not like gallons of water just to be kept moist also when they go outside if they can have some afternoon shade that would be good. when I have had them in the greenhouse the humidity has meant that they have needed a little less watering also do not let the temp drop too much they do not like frost

4 May, 2010


Thanks ,,it was allright 2 days ago, then i had a day of non stop rain, i thought rain would do it good normerly does,,

5 Aug, 2010

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