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By Clairey

Norfolk, United Kingdom Gb

How do i prepare the soil for my vegetable patch?
Have dug it all over and removed the weeds, is it a good idea to put weed killer down first before adding compost to soil? will it affect my veg?

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When I done mine I dug it over like you said and removed all the weeds and their roots. I then dug in some of my compost (you can use your own or a multi purpose compost from a garden centre). I didnt use weed killer, I sowed mine in rows and checked every other day. If something was growing where I hadnt sown then it wasnt wanted and obviously a weed.
I then marked out small areas using canes and then started sowing.

About 2-3 weeks later seedlings should start to appear. Excpect some gaps from birds (you could use some netting over the top), cats they will think you have made a lovely toilet especially for them (use some really twiggy branches to keep them off) as well as they might not all germinate.

Have a look at my veg beds to see what I have done with mine.
As of today there is lots growing but slugs or pidgeons have had a field day.

3 May, 2010


Thank you for reply, i am getting to know what are weeds and what aren't, as i have so many!
Am very excited about getting my veg patch started, thank you for your advise, have looked at your pics,looks really good. You have some amazing looking flowers, didnt get through all of them though lol

3 May, 2010

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