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Thanks to those who answered my question before on tomato hanging basket from Aldi - I'm now stuck again (told you I was a novice!). My seedlings are now approx an inch to an inch and a half high. The instructions say when the first 'true leaves' are established, thin out. What does that mean? Have been on internet and I don't think these are 'true leaves' yet - am I wrong? I'm not normally this thick honest!



Hi Annie what you first see when any plant puts up top growth are what is called the cotyledons these are actually part of the seed and serve as a food source until the real or 'true' leaves emerge. These will look like normal tomatoes leaves just considerably smaller. At an inch to inch and a half I'd say you were only seeing the cotyledons.

3 May, 2010


thank you moon grower - i don't even understand cotyledons but I will leave them - how big are 'tru leaves' and when do i thin them out cos have got loads of cotyledons by the sound of it! Do you just think I should just give this whole growing things a miss - I'm obviously not good enough if I don't know how to follow instructions from a hanging basket from Aldi!

3 May, 2010


Annie you are doing fine, you are simply learning which we have all had to do :-) The first 'true' leaves to appear will actually be slightly smaller than the cotyledons but, as I wrote, they will look exactly like mini tomato leaves. Don't give up, Aldi are crap at giving good info! I suspect you planted your tomato seeds a little late, for this year you might want to consider buying 6 plants from a garden centre or nursery - but if you do have to do so try growing your own again next year... it is all fun and frequently hit or miss :-)

3 May, 2010

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