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By Mafenty

Berwickshire, United Kingdom Gb

This plant has bee growing wild in a stream near our village it has appeared at three different locations It seems to be an "escape". could you identify it please

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Lysichiton americanus. Skunk Cabbage is its common name. It is indeed an escape and fast becoming a major problem in the UK.

3 May, 2010


its pretty though ;o)

3 May, 2010


It is on the list of plants to be eradicated like Japanese knotweed and Impatiens balsamica(?) (Policeman's helmet) and Parrot's feather. they are all killing off native plants.

3 May, 2010


what a shame, why are they so pretty but so deadly ;o(

3 May, 2010


they are stunning to look at but they dont have smell. not called skunk cabbage for nothing :o)

3 May, 2010

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