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Orange sap from yew Trees

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We have several Yew Trees in the back garden. Some old (over 25 years) and some new. Suddenly this year some of them appear to have something coming out of the stalks. I know it sounds silly but it looks like grated red leicester cheese and is jelly like when you take some off. What is it & how do I get rid of it?



A photograph would be useful - the only thing that comes to mind is Needle Rust, but that doesn't usually attack yews, though its possible, and I'm not sure the description "jellylike" fits. Certainly, orange spores are produced though, usually from off white, column like growths on the needles themselves. If it is that, there's no treatment available, and the advice is to dispose of infected needles.

1 May, 2010


Thanks to whoever answered the question. I have added a couple of photo's to see if they are of any use.
Thanks to anyone who can help!

3 May, 2010


Can't find the photos you've added, Staffsrusty, checked your photos and your profile page, not there.

3 May, 2010


Just been told that the orange stuff has gone after 36 hours. They could be Irish Yew trees ?? (perpindicular). Any ideas?? Photo's now attached.


3 May, 2010

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