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how do i care for a tillandsia air plant




1 May, 2010


Hi Airplants and welcome to GoY mist it with water, keep somewhere cool and humid - like a bathroom. We had one for years then I forgot to mist for a while and it died...

1 May, 2010


Welcome Airplants!

Moon_grower knows! In nature they get fog rolling in almost every morning from the nearby ocean. If your water has a high sodium content, use distilled or reverse osmosis water for misting.

Eventually, especially after flowering, it may need a very light feeding: mist with a very dilute (about 1/2 ml per liter) solution of low phosphate tropical food. Don't do this more often than once very two months--in nature they have to eke it out on dust and dead bugs!

2 May, 2010


It fascinates me how they survive!

2 May, 2010

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