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By Davev

Essex, United Kingdom Gb

Can anyone tell me what this is, I have found number of them shoot up but need to know if - 'friend or foe'.

Do I keep them or dig them up??

2 pics to help, cheers for any help..

Photo0204 Photo0205



Not sure what they actually are, but they're not something you want (can't be bothered to get my book out to name them, lol) but they could be poppies, maybe?

1 May, 2010


Look like some poppy type weed to me, I'd be removing the lot.

1 May, 2010


looks like the 'opium' poppy. prolific self seeders but I tend to leave the odd one in as you can get a range of pinky shades.

1 May, 2010


I'd get rid of and get the border sorted purely because it looks such a mess.

1 May, 2010

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