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thanks for the answer helps me so much,another question ,i have a border which is 30 feet long by 4ft wide ,the soil average with clay 12 inches down the sun dosnt get on the strip to much ......any idea's on what plants or even bushes i could grow ,i would like to engourage bee's and birds if possible ,many thanks



Oh lovely, a blank canvas - as long as it isn't in total shade all the time, lots of plants would like that situation. Here's a list, larger shrubs first:
Fatsia japonica; Aucuba japonica; Cornus alba 'Elegantissima'; Mahonia aquifolium; Crinodendron hookeranium; Cotoneaster varieties (small or large); Ribes sanguinum. Then sarcococca varieties, fuchsia, geraniums (cranesbill ones, such as G. 'Johnson's Blue'), Lysimachia punctata, Convallaria, Tiarella, Primula/primrose/polyanthus, Brunnera, Ajuga reptans, Campanula muralis, I'll stop now shall I...

30 Apr, 2010


fantastic thank you so much i'm getting the gardening bug lolololol thank you again barry

30 Apr, 2010

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