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By Sjw

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I have just looked at my box, they are pyramid shaped and in pots, they look very healthy with lots of new growth, but are covered in white fluffy stuff. I thought it was just pollen but on brusing it away discovered that it is very sticky and on further inpection there seems to be some sore of small creature on the leaves. What is this and will it damage the plant. Thanks



A photograph would be helpful, but are you talking about cuckoo spit? This looks like white, frothy spit and is caused by the nymph stage of froghoppers - the insect inside looks yellowish-green. If it is cuckoo spit, it's only a temporary nuisance and picking off by hand can control most cases of infestation.

29 Apr, 2010


No it is not cuckoo spit, a photo would be no good as it is so fine you would not see it, it looks just like pollen that you could blow away but on touching it, it is very sticky.

29 Apr, 2010


Then it might be box sucker - these attack new shoots in the spring as nymphs with flattened, pale green bodies up to 2mm long and sometimes cause a white waxy coating on the tips. They do only attack the new growth, so you can either clip it backonce they've hatched and gone (by midsummer) or have a look at pesticide treatments to see if there's a spray you can use. Usually though, this pest causes the new shoots to look stunted, with more closely spaced cupped leaves that resemble cabbages.

29 Apr, 2010

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