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I had a Gardinia 5 years ago but wasn't looked after properly due to builders. I just bought a very small potted Gardinia Cape Jasmine which I realized when getting home had lost its tag. I know its tender so will have to keep it indoors but would like to pot it up and let it grow. Could you give me some information on this and how big this little specific plant will grow and if I can keep it to a nice home potted size or if eventually I can put it out in my very well sheltered and protected garden in a bed thanks Jane

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The only Gardenia which should survive outside is a new variety called "Kleims Hardy". All the others are houseplants or greenhouse plants in this country, and a fussy little thing it is too. It requires night time temperatures of not less than 60 - 65 deg F for flower buds to form, and day time temperatures about ten degrees higher than that. Even temperature and careful watering are needed to prevent bud drop. Bright light is essential, but no draughts, and avoid direct midday sun in summer. Does better in ericacious compost, watered with soft, tepid water. Mist leaves frequently, repot in spring every 2-3 years.

29 Apr, 2010

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