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Can you grow a mock orange in a tub? - I really want one in my garden, but think will get too big



I suspect you will have to have a very very big pot. They can be kept smallish with sensible pruning.

28 Apr, 2010


I posted a pic(10441) of what i now know to be a mock orange(thanks to the wonderful peeps on GOY) that i saw at sandringham house last year, a big big bush wth such a sweet smelling aroma, 10 or 15 yards away i could still smell it & me being a total amatuer thought you had to be a expert to grow one but ive since learned they grow easily in most now ive had one since last spring in my boarder & its grown a little but im hoping for bigger the better in the future........So to answer your question...growing in a pot should not be a problem but as seaburngirl said it would have to be a very big pot ;)

29 Apr, 2010

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