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as a novice gardener I planted some spring bulbs and had a briliant display so my question is
narcissus,tulip,hyacinth,narcissus(tete a tete),grape hyacinth and early flowering crocus,which of these bulbs can i store for next year ...many thanks ...barry



Welcome to GYO Barry. The bulbs you've mentioned can all be left where they are. Once they have finished flowering remove the dead flowers and feed on half strength tomato food every 2 weeks until they die back. This allows the bulbs to store energy up for next year. The exception are the my experience they will never flower as well again so plant new ones in the Autumn. Hope this helps.

28 Apr, 2010


Also, the grape hyacinths will produce new leaves in early winter. So, don't pull these up in a mistake for grass!

28 Apr, 2010

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