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By Sylviav

Suffolk, United Kingdom Gb

Having just found this site I will probably have loads of questions to ask you all. I am having problems with bine weed which is meandering between ours and our neighbours. Neither of us have been able to eradicate it. Can anyone give us some ideas before the bine weed over runs our gardens as it did last year but/ must be plant friendly



You can put a stick or cane in the ground near the plant and get it to grow up the said stick. Then spray it using a Glyphosate and cover the stick/ pole and bind weed with a black plastick bag. This then acts on the leaves and moves down to the roots. It is then safe to grow other plants after the weed is dead.

Alternatively pull out every last bit of root. I have been doing this for three years now and I still have some but not much. As soon as I see it I pull it out.

28 Apr, 2010


Thanks for that. My neighbour is with me - we are going out this weekend to get some Glyphosate and will try your cure.

28 Apr, 2010


Treesandthi.. solution is the only one - its impossible to eradicate it completely, it will grow from a fragment of root less than eighth of an inch. If you have light soil, its a bit easier, because you can turn it over lightly and then pull and pull and pull and it comes out, but that doesn't work with heavy soil. Putting in canes to get it to grow up those means its less likely to smother your plants, whether or not you spray with a weedkiller.

28 Apr, 2010



28 Apr, 2010


Also, remember that it never grows in the lawn, so just pull up EVERY bit you see, regularly.

28 Apr, 2010

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