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April 27 my Campsis planted last year isn't doing anything yet - is it dead or do I just wait?

On plant Campsis x tagliabuana



I went to a garden last week to do a bit of maintenance and they have this plant - it is just about beginning to come into leaf, and we're in London and the plant is in a very, very sheltered spot. Yours may take a little longer to show signs of life, but should be showing something within the next fortnight at most.

27 Apr, 2010


They do look horribly dead while they sleep! Try scratching a little bark off one of the mid-size stems--slightly thicker than a pencil--and see if the inner bark isn't moist and green. If not, try again with a larger branch. Fortunately, even if the top is completely frozen, it will regrow from the roots, but it would be racing fall frost to produce blooms this year.

28 Apr, 2010

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