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By Anniken

Surrey, United Kingdom Gb

I have a dwarf cherry tree in a pot which has just produced lots of blossom and leaves, but branches are now starting to wilt with blossom and leaves drooping. We thought we had lost the plant last year when it produced next to no leaves or blossom, and what it did produce wilted. Being excited that it had come back to life this year, I am now worried to see the wilting yet again. It is kept watered. I removed quite a bit of moss which had grown on top of the soil around it. Any ideas what could be causing this wilting and what I should do to save it? Many thanks!



The moss sounds a concern. Are there sufficient drainage holes underneath the pot and are they blocked up? Drainage holes should have broken crocks or uneven stones covering them to stop the compost from clogging them up. Make sure that the water can drain out adequately. Put the pot on 'pot feet' or similar. Wilting is a sign of over and underwatering. Cherries are prone to being damaged if they become waterlogged. Also use John Innes No 3 not peat-based compost as this will drain better and doesn't decompose as peat-based or coir composts do. Also, only prune the cherry during the summer months to prevent infection from silver leaf disease. This can also cause dieback of branches.

26 Apr, 2010


Thank you for your help. Sounds like it might be worth changing the soil to improve the drainage, as I do have stones in and use pot feet already. Will try that and see how it goes.

26 Apr, 2010

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