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By Brian12

limerick, Ireland Ie

i bought scadoxus multiflorus bulbs (aka fireball lilly) in febuary..but i cannot getn them to root.they had a small bit of blue mould on them but they were hard and i dusted them off and planted them however i dug one out of their pot and discovered that the mould was getting i dug them up again and cleaned them.any ideas?



It sounds like some sort of Amaryllis-mold this occurs when you keep your soil too wet these need very well drained soil I have about 10 various Amaryllis bulbs and the potting mixture that seems to work for them seems to be about 60% compost 30% sand and 10% perlite you must water them sparingly until they produce leaves do not forget that these com from almost arid conditions in South Africa and they can withstand drought conditions. Have a look at the link

Hope this helps

25 Apr, 2010


Try dusting it with cinnamon, that works with amaryllis.

26 Apr, 2010

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